Steven Universe Future, whats next?

Steven Universe, a Cartoon Network animated TV show created by Rebecca Sugar is an amazing story about one special boy, his family of alien space rocks, and his many friends of beach city. This show is filled with unexpected twists, fun characters, beautiful music, and amazing graphics. After being aired since 2013, their final season has almost begun. And just like every season they leave us with a lot of questions to still be answered. In this post I will brake down what i think will be shown in Steven Universe Future. ( Spoiler warning of content of the opining of the new season, Steven Universe the movie, and the last few seasons. )

Jasper Redemption arc

While looking at the new opening for Steven Universe Future, there is a panel showing the antagonist of the season, Jasper. She seems to have a pretty significant role. The panel features a few other gems that we don’t know yet, such as two lazuli, an aquamarine fusion, a mutant watermelon Steven, a controlled White Dimond, and a giant worm like creature. Jasper stands in the front showing a power pose at the camera. Going along with what we already know about Jasper’s character, it would not surprise me if she decides to create a gem rebellion after being confronted with the news of Rose being Pink Dimond. Because of her complete devotion to her Dimond, even going to the point of corrupting herself for her revenge, it would be devastating for her to hear that her enemy was actually the person she loved most. Not only that, but her half human son gets the opportunity to take the position that she once had when Jasper was still at her command. As someone who was always interested in Jasper’s character, I think that it would be very cool for her to once again get a more significant role as the main antagonist, and also getting an redemption arc at the end of the series.

More Scenes with the now uncorrupted gems

More scenes is a small hope that I have for the new season because of the lack of dialogue in the Steven Universe the Movie. While watching the show, we are given little information on the original crystal gems such as the ones called Bigs, Snowflake etc. It would be amazing if we can see these gems interact with Bismuth, Garnet, and Pearl in the new season. I feel it would be a great way to tie in the crystals gems past and future. I also want to be able to see more of Centipeetle and her team on home world or in beach city chomping on some potato chips. 🙂

16 year old Steven and friends

As someone who was totally for the two year time skip, I’m extremely exited to see Steven enjoying being a teenager. From the opening we can see Steven is driving Gregs tondi supremo which was introduced in the episode Beach City Drift. I also believe we have not seen the last of Steven and the Cool Kids, and also Sadie and Lars. We can also see in the movie that Connie and Steven’s relationship is starting to bloom from a unbreakable friendship to a cute teenage romance. I think these two characters are cute together either way, but it would be good to see how their relationship will be moving forward in the last season.

New Fusions

Over the last season and movie, there has been a lot of new fusions being introduced to us. One of the newest being the fusion of Greg and Steven which was shown in the movie. I believe that in the upcoming season we will see more of the new fusions in action, and also fusions we have not seen before in the show so far. One being the fusion of Lapis and Peridot, Pearl and Bismuth, Steven and one of the Barn mates, or maybe even a fusion of two of the diamonds. Because of the huge amount of possibilities, we will have to wait and see what the Cruniverse has in store for us.

Amazing Music and Dance numbers

We all know it wouldn’t be a true Steven Universe ending if it didn’t have plenty of amazing music to go along with it. Something I believe has really stood out about this show is how well written the music is, and how it makes the world more enjoyable. Up to this point, I have not had a song I dislike. I’ve probably listened to every song on repeat at least once. And I know for a fact this season will not be the exception.


Lastly, I think this season will give us more information about Home World, and the other colonies under the Diamonds rule. There are a lot of theories about who created the Diamonds, and what the other colonies are like. In the movie, it also stated a lot of the colonies under the Dimond authority were liberated so it would be nice to get a little insight their process. I love the Diamonds characters, but I don’t believe they have actually been redeemed fully yet. A few more episodes in space will help Steven, and see them progress to the leaders we all want them to become.

Thanks for reading, for more fun theories and reviews check out my articles in the future. 😉